I'm overwhelmed by the joy! Someone actually thought my piece of music was good enough for their game! <3 That is so awesome!

I love you FourElements and TheAstra! :3 Your little game just made me so happy!
Thank you <3

Ps. Am I a real artist now? :D

Hello no-one!

2017-05-25 04:42:25 by TheKekeMaster

It's my birthday tomorrow.

I uploaded some music.


Why I'm talking to myself.


At least you love yourself back while talking yourself...

not really

what, why

coz that's just weird dude... I think I need some time of my own




Quick update

2016-05-17 07:36:10 by TheKekeMaster

I actually made a game!

Yup! Yeah! Awesome! It won't be updated to Newgrounds.com..... :l

Main reason is that I made it for another organization. So, when I have been away, I have actually improved myself with lotsa different skills. Including music. I have made quite a few new songs, which might end in the newgrounds within a year or two.

I'll also graduate in exactly 1 month and 3 days. Not as a game designer but as a game educator in the field of youth work.

Thank you Newgrounds and thank YOU who are reading this. I can't possible imagine who would read this, as my previous animations sucks. But YOU who are supporting me nevertheless means a LOT to me. Thanks for being awesome.


It's here. It's bad. It's a hamster. (with a ninja training :)

The day of the Hamstah has begun!

Hiroshima Chronicles is an open project for everyone. Basically, it's just stories about people living inside or near atomic bombing city. The timescale can be as you please. Hiroshima Chronicles are not historically accurate. It's character and milieu are all fictional.
If you wish to make a part in this chronicles, you don't need to ask my permission, just go for it :)
But it would be nice, if I would know about it.
If you are curious for this project, but still lack of ideas for the flash, I have plenty to share.

About Hiroshima

2010-08-05 18:00:47 by TheKekeMaster


"President Truman steadfastly defended his use of the atomic bomb, claiming that it "saved millions of lives" by bringing the war to a quick end. Justifying his decision, he went so far as to declare: "The world will note that the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, a military base. That was because we wished in this first attack to avoid, insofar as possible, the killing of civilians."

This was a preposterous statement. In fact, almost all of the victims were civilians, and the United States Strategic Bombing Survey (issued in 1946) stated in its official report: "Hiroshima and Nagasaki were chosen as targets because of their concentration of activities and population."
If the atomic bomb was dropped to impress the Japanese leaders with the immense destructive power of a new weapon, this could have been accomplished by deploying it on an isolated military base. It was not necessary to destroy a large city. And whatever the justification for the Hiroshima blast, it is much more difficult to defend the second bombing of Nagasaki.

All the same, most Americans accepted, and continue to accept, the official justifications for the bombings. Accustomed to crude propagandistic portrayals of the "Japs" as virtually subhuman beasts, most Americans in 1945 heartily welcomed any new weapon that would wipe out more of the detested Asians, and help avenge the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. For the young Americans who were fighting the Japanese in bitter combat, the attitude was "Thank God for the atom bomb.""
Institute for Historical Review

For I'm a neutral in this case, I don't want to judge anyone for this incident. Still I can't just sit still knowing that people still believe this action to be righteous. I had a conversation once in the chatroom with a couple of American citizens. I was stunned! Shocked! For their attitude about the A-bombings!? I don't blame every American to think this way, of course. But world changes... So should people. If people used to be a narrow sighted.. Should we follow the same footsteps?

I understand that what is done is done. We can never change what has already happened. But countries still treat other countries with their nuclear capacity? Haven't we learned anything? Even something?? A nuclear weapon is something we should never use. I understand that country needs to be strong for the fear of war. But what if the war would struck? We really want to shoot a-bombs to civilian villages 'till other party surrenders..? When was it, when the humans lost their humanity. And there is also the chance of chain reaction causing our world to cease from existing.

War is always ugly, no-one wishes for it. Still we fight wars. There is nothing I can change in that. But I want to correct the propaganda that seems to been fed to the American population. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were civilian villages. Most of the people reply to it, "yeah, but they bombed our Pearl Harbor first". Let me remind you, Pearl Harbor Was a military base.

I once saw a document of the atomic bombs, where was actual interviews from the people who built it or was involved into the bombing. There was said, the first bomb was to be dropped on Japan, second into the Hitlers Germany. They had left cities intentionally without bombing, so that they could see the effects of the a-bomb as much as possible. Since the Germany surrendered before the atomic bomb was ready, they wanted to drop it to Japan only to see their bomb in action.

The sources reliability varies, so it's your own decision will you believe or not what I say. Just remember, the future use of atomic bombs is influence by us, public. If we choose to say no, someone will notify it for sure.

Different sources I used, and which you can read more about:

http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v16/v16n3p-4_We ber.html
http://hubpages.com/hub/Hiroshima_Bomb ing_Affects

First flash is soon out

2010-01-20 15:24:56 by TheKekeMaster

I recall any amateurs to pros to join new cooperative project.
More info will come after my flash is released. (So, I can focus 100% on that one)

Just wanted to write, that I am not dead un-active artist. Looking for some flash tips, and recourses. Cheers!!
(Just uploaded new profile ava, whadda thing?)

Time to make things happen

2009-08-08 10:17:02 by TheKekeMaster

I do not have yet tools to start flash making, but I can do props and stuff..
So now, when I have a great flash idea, I will post it to the NG and anyone who wants to make flash from my script, be my guest

I can also start making some own stuff to be ready for the flash world when I finally decide to get unleashed

Look the cool wallpaper I made some time ago to my good friend Formiga :3

Time to make things happen

Hiya all! :D

2009-04-08 16:41:45 by TheKekeMaster

So, who am I? Well, I am the one and only TheKekeMaster :)
You might find me with google, and see I have accomplished nuthing :3
Anywayz, I'm cheerful (good-looking) man, and love making people to laugh :DD

If anyone need voice actors, me and my brother are very talented ^.^ (Ok, my brother is the talented one :)
Included girly sounds XD

And if you wish to see my flash works... :3
Well, there isnt any, coz the program I used was too complicated .__.
Anywayz, I will be sending movies around year 2014, coz just feels so :P
Already have lots of ideas, but having some computer programs..
Pac-man ate my files o_o

Hiya all! :D